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Listings and Sales Management tools for your Agency

Mercury Creative

How to create an effective listings or sales management tool for your agency.

Step 1:  Decide what you want to display. 

  • Will it be front of house to clients, or for staff, 

  • Will it concentrate on listings and provide information, or display sales results and track milestone?

  • You may have an existing whiteboard with ruled lines, or hand drawn boxes or seen something from our gallery you would like to model yours after. 

  • If you don’t have anything ready, speak to our design team, who for a modest $90 will create something suitable, including your logo and colours.

Step 2:  Decide on your size

  • Branded Whiteboards can custom size a board to fit an irregular space however most people will find that the conventional sizes below will be suitable.

  • 900mm high x 600 / 900 / 1200 / 1500 / 1800mm long

  • 1200mm high x 1200 / 1500 / 1800 / 2100 / 2400 / 2700 / 3000mm long

  • For tall rooms, you can also spin the board and print it tall and narrow

Step 3: Decide on any frills

  • the standard board is magnetic backed with a writeable printed surface and a 15mm aluminium frame, however if you want to create a full whiteboard wall, then you may consider an Archi-edge board which has a very slim surround allowing multiple panels to be butted again each other.

Step 4 : Place your order

  • Our in-house studio team will contact you within 24 hours to start the design or confirm details if you have existing artwork. 

  • The board will be prepared, printed, and constructed in house, 

  • Then shipped Australia Wide (bubbled wrapped and boxed) from us within 10 working days.

Motivate your sales team! Drive competition and accountability

Mercury Creative

Prominently displaying each sales reps’ numbers in your sales room can create a motivating atmosphere and positively influence the performance of your sales team. This works because sales people are generally a competitive bunch. Additionally, such a tool enables management to hold their sales team accountable for whatever results they generate. reports, sales managers attest to the importance of publicly showcasing all individual rep sales numbers. Jonathan Miller, Manager of the Sales Account Executives, uses whiteboards to motivate his team. “You need metrics and something to track them on,” Miller said. Whiteboards make it easy to see who is ahead and who is behind in their sales each day, encouraging the competitive aspect of the job. Jonathan firmly believes “you need to hold your reps accountable.”

Whiteboards are viewed similar to a scoreboard. Most reps, especially the successful ones, understand sales is a competitive field and that competing to get the most numbers on the board is just part of the game.  (post continues below images)

Below: A sample collection of successful Sales boards created by Branded Whiteboards
Contact us today for a Custom Design that suits your businesses needs.

Hertz Rental Site Performance Board

Hertz Rental Site Performance Board

Toyota Finance Sales Boards

Toyota Finance Sales Boards

Suttons City Appointment Boards

Suttons City Appointment Boards

CBA State Bank Best Board Sets

CBA State Bank Best Board Sets

NRMA Sales Performance boards

NRMA Sales Performance boards

Morgan Property Sales Board

Morgan Property Sales Board

Of course, whiteboards aren’t the only method for motivating greater results. Other ways that encourage good morale are words of encouragement or “shoutouts,” fist bumps and high fives for jobs well done, said Miller.

It’s also been noticed that former or current athletes do well in sales because of their natural competitive drive and understanding of the mental aspect of the “game”. Instead of having cheerleaders and cleats, our sales teams have a communal gong, strategically located near the offices of the CEO and President. Yep. Every time someone closes a deal, they get to hit the swinging, metal plate to announce their successful conquest to the company at large.

Miller said they have tried using other methods besides the public whiteboard to motivate the inside sales reps, including reports reps could pull up on their computers and individual, 1-on-1 discussions regarding performance. Both tactics worked to a certain extent, but none has had the same results as the public scoreboard.